Join the Citizens Coalition for Open Presidential Debates in 2016

Do You Think Open Presidential Debates in 2016 is a Grand Idea You Can Get Behind?

The Coalition for Open Debates in 2016 is a non partisan with the goal of uniting citizens from all walks of life and all points of view behind the need to have more open debates. If you fall into this category and support the effort to bring greater participation then all we ask is that you raise your hand and fill out the form.

By filling out the form you are not adding yourself onto a mailing list that will result in your receiving more email in your email inbox. At least not right now. In the future as circumstances allow we will ask you if first if we can add you to our email list so that you can actually help inform the sponsors of the Commission on Presidential Debates just how closed their debates are, and letting them know about Open Debates 2016 and the tremendous amount of support the idea actually has!

We’ll also need your help reaching out to everyone from PBS and NPR to the MSM and your regional television and radio networks to let them know you want these debates to be broadcast on their stations. We can’t make this as huge as it needs to be to have a real impact without your help. We’ll also be sure to let you know when and where to tune it to watch these debates in 2016!